“How do you want to live? Does it line up with your values and priorities?”

Brad and Julie Duncan’s boundless determination to be the best that they can possibly be has led them to achieve the kind of success that most people only dream about having. Aside from wanting to succeed so that they could secure a bright future for themselves and for their family, Brad and Julie aim for the kind of wealth that would allow them not only to travel comfortably, but to be able to travel extravagantly. They wanted to be able to treat themselves and their kids to a truly first-class lifestyle.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Since gaining their financial independence when they were twenty-three, Brad and Julie Duncan have traveled all over the world—first just with each other, and then once children entered their happy union, the whole family began exploring the world together.

While on a trip to South Africa, Brad and Julie went on an exclusive safari in a private game reserve called Kapama. In an open safari vehicle, the wide-eyed couple marveled at lions and impalas alike. Their time in South Africa was unlike any other adventure they’d previously had.

Not every travel story they have is so ruggedly adventurous. Many of their travels have been to some of the most extraordinarily gorgeous places in the world. They’ve been to Florence and Sorrento; they’ve stayed on the French Riviera, and they’ve taken selfies under the Eiffel Tower.

When they’re not jet-setting to Europe or Africa, the Duncans can be found either on Lake Pende Oreille in Idaho, or they can be spotted crusing on the open water and the high seas. No matter the case, you can bet that the Duncans will be soaking in the glorious views and stunning atmosphere wherever they happen to be.

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